Tuesday, February 1, 2022

February OMG as well as a bit of this and a bit of that which

Has been happening around here this week.   Firstly taking advantage of the lovely weather and going for a swim early each day.  Most days when in the pool it is just me and my reflection.

The other day I did have an onlooker sitting on the side.    It did bring some snacks along to munch while watching what I was up to.   Each of us was hoping that the other one would not come any closer.   I certainly did not want a swimming companion.  

A batch of freshly baked scones just out of the oven is always a nice treat for morning tea.

This is definitely not the job for me.   I have a horror of heights.  I felt dizzy just standing at ground level and looking up at the painters above.  

The first month of the year has already been and gone and we are now into February.     For those in the southern hemisphere  February is the last month of summer.   Valentine's Day is also celebrated during this month and Chinese New Year officially begins on 1st February.   This year  it is the Year of the Tiger.   It is also time to pull out those aqua/teal scraps which is the RSC for February and using them with the theme of  "Improv" . 

My nominated OMG for this month is to turn the fabrics below into a set of two placemats for my giftie box.      

I need to finish off my Tickle me Pink  blog hop item and think about the next blog hop in March.    Those few challenges should keep my busy for a while.  

The beanie I am currently knitting is teal.  I did not have insider information when putting my hand into the wool basket as the what RSC was going to be.   It just happened to be on top.  

Time to head into the sewing room and make a start on some of the above.    Back soon and in the meantime

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Happy sewing all


Maria said...

Hope the visitor doesn’t decide to join you in the pool…
The pool looks green??
So teal is the colour for February, idid check Angela’s blog out and couldn’t see it so thanks….

Jeanna said...

Teal and aqua are some of my favorite colors. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

Kathy S. said...

Good luck finishing your February OMG. Oh wow to swim in the pool... There is 14" of Ohio snow in our yard right now. Enjoy your swim.

Fiona said...

Rather a gorgeous onlooker but not wanting it too close! Lovely to have lots of swims at this time of year and you have lots of things to get on and make this month...

kiwikid said...

Maybe your pool visitor was politely waiting for you to finish your swim before heading for the pool? Lovely coloured wool you are using. Enjoy your swims.

jude's page said...

You certainly are getting some lovely items in your giftie box. It's a great idea. I had to enlarge the pic to see just what your visitor by the pool was!!

Kirsten said...

Beautiful fabric for your placemats. Cute visitor - I'm glad it let you swim in peace.

Susan said...

The onlooker was probably wondering what you were doing in his space!
I love teal/aqua - maybe I do need a RSC project!