Tuesday, September 27, 2022

A bit late....computer problems

My computer decided that it was not going to play nicely last Thursday so off to the computer doctor on Friday for a 4 night stay in the repair shop.  For some reason I am unable to post on my blog with the Ipad so as a consequence I am running behind with the my FNSI  and end of month  churn dash report.

After not being at the machine for just on 3 weeks FNSI was a good motivator to get me back there and finish off the bindings on the churn dash placemats and tabletopper that have been sitting around looking at me everytime I passed the room.  

An early start was made on Friday morning so that there was nothing to distract or sidetrack me from my mission.   All done and ready to use.  Don't forget to go here to check out the progress of the others taking part in the  SAL.  

Time even allowed for a batch of scones to be made and enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Feeling recharged after a break I headed back into the sewing room to cut some 2" strips of red and green fabrics to make some apple pot holders for my depleted giftie box.   This time there will be Granny Smiths - green - and Johnathons - red.  

Thanks Wendy for having us "all around" again.     

Miss M has been staying with us for the last few days.    Yesterday we took a ferry ride into the City and visited the Aquarium.

We both agreed that the highlight of the day was the emporer penguin exhibit.  

After a shopping expedition this morning to spend some pocket money from grandpa we headed to the beach.   I was very happy to stand on the water's  edge and hold the towel while she did some wave jumping.    It was home to have a hot shower and some lunch before heading off to collect the computer.     

I am off to do some all important blog hopping to see what has been happening in my "absence".   

Back soon and in the meantime

            Happy sewing all 


kiwikid said...

Lovely churn dash pieces Karen. You had a great day with your grand daughter, I used to love jumping the waves!!

jude's page said...

Great churndash project, hope your computer problem was solved so you can catchup. I'm behind as well

loulee said...

Your churn dash place mats look great.
My favourite at the aquarium would be your other photo, I love to see the big rays, such graceful creatures.

Maria said...

I also had tech problems from Thursday to yesterday. No internet so had to hot spot my phone....great to have all fixed..
Lovely Churn Dash project.
Great time with your GD...

Janice said...

Isn’t it frustrating when technology won’t work. I’m glad you are back on line. The churn dash project turned out beautifully and will be practical. It sounds like you have had a lovely time with Miss M. It’s years and years since we have been to the aquarium. We must go again one day.

Susan said...

Hope your computer is all OK now - we rely on them so much...

Lots of lovely stuff and special time with your grand daughtr.

Nancy said...

Congrats on your churn dash finish. I like your colors! The scones look delicious. And your beach looks so beautiful. I hope you enjoy (enjoyed) making your apple potholders.