Friday, November 4, 2022


Started early this morning for me as two tablerunners needed to be finished off for the hospital auxiliary stall tomorrow and seeing that I am on the set up and first shift things needed to be moved along quickly.    Even though these are called 10 minute tablerunners there is nothing ten minutes about them or I am a very slow worker.

Before heading into the sewing room an impossible pasta and vegetable pie was made for a quick lunch for hubs and myself for the next couple of days.    

I cannot take any credit for the gorgeous handknits below but I wanted to share them with you.   One of the ladies in my knitting group donates these to the hospital stall each month.    I call her a "machine" as she usually donates between 4 to 6 of these each month and they sell like hot cakes.   As you can image there is never a pair of knitting needles out of her hands.    

This brings me to the big red ball of wool.    These three beanies have been worked on over the last couple of weeks and still does not appear to be any shrinkage in the size of the ball.  

A new book was started.

I have received a few orders over the last couple of days.    One lady wants 2 girl bibs, 2 boy bibs and an apron for a 3 year old girl.    Plenty of fabric in the stash to cover those.     Another order has come for a set of 4 placemats but they needed to be personalised for each member of the family.    Floral for the lady of the house, racing cars for the man of the house, basketball fabric for No 1 son and computer fabric for No 2 son.    Plenty of floral fabric in the stash but the other three were very specific so on-line shopping was resorted to to obtain them.   

The fabrics arrived in the mail this morning.

Another order has come in for two hanging kitchen handtowels.    And Miss M has requested a couple of pairs of shorts for summer.   

All of the above will be my OMG for November and don't forget to go over here to see what else was happening for FNwF in other craft rooms. 

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Happy sewing all


Lin said...

It's going to be a busy month then! Lovely tablerunners and I hope all goes well with your sale. xx

Janice said...

Good luck with the stall tomorrow. Your machine will be running hot with all those orders.

Cheryll said...

Hope you got everything set up OK...and the stall is a success.
Thanks for joining in for FNwF even during the day...xox

Susan said...

Gash - keeping you busy that is for sure!

Ondrea said...

The vegie pie looks yummy. I am sure your red yarn is magical lol. I madeca couple of those tabke runners a few years ago and, yes, they took me longer than 10 minutes too. Do mums still buy handknitted baby jackets? They are lovely and probably very soft. The stall will be another great success.

dq said...

Dinner looks delish!!
Nice beanies and runners as well. It looks like a red week for you.
How nice that you donate to the hospital as well as your friend donating those sweet little sweaters.

jude's page said...

Once again you are churning out items, lovely knitted jackets

Susie H said...

Love the beanies. I guess yarn, like fabric, multiplies while you sleep! With all those orders, surely you'll see some fabric shrinkage! haha