Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Unexpected Orders

Last week I was asked if I could make a small cross bag.  Done and delivered.  

Then an order for 4 Christmas print wine bottle gift bags came in.   Done and delivered.  

The latest audio book that was keeping me company while the above sewing was happening.  

And my night time reading is one written by a relative new Australian author.    This book is her first novel only being published this year.  

I did find time to catch up with two friends for a coffee and we had the pleasure of an extra one join us.

He was very well behaved but believe that he has been up to some trouble over the past two weeks.  

All that remains on the "to do list" before Christmas in the sewing room is to finish off the set of 3 placemats and make a skirt and top for Miss M.   They won't be happening today as hubs and I are off out to a Christmas lunch.    The washing machine has just finished doing what washing machines do so I will head off and do my bit of hanging the washing out.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

This time of year is so busy. It's so nice you were able to get out...especially with your new little elf friend hanging out. I'll have to check out the book your listening to. I've not heard of it. I always enjoy discovering new authors. Happy sewing! -Andrea

Janice said...

It was good you were able to complete the orders. Just as well they were relatively simple projects. Enjoy your Christmas socialising. I look forward to your book review.

Lin said...

Good to get those Christmas orders out of the way. Nice to see that cheeky chappie pop up in a different setting - I always enjoy his antics. xx

Fiona said...

A busy week for you....