Monday, October 5, 2009

DH and I have just returned from a weekend away at Blackheath with 15 others. We all knew each other over 30 years ago and for some over 40 years ago. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the weather - well what can I say - it was typical winter weather. Funny thing this weekend was chosen as we thought the weather would be "spring like". Anyway what can you do and really it did not stop us doing a great deal. Everyone had waterproof coats and brollies. So off we set. A couple of the photos below show just how foggy it was.

I hope this cable knows where it is going!!!

Getting closer to the valley floor.

At the other end of that cable is a boardwalk which passes by the old Katoomba coal mine. Real rainforest vegetation and the rain to go with it. However vision was good at this level.

This lovely old tree was in the grounds of the resort where we stayed and the second photo is taken from the dining room of the birdlife being fed at breakfast time.

One of the guys insisted that we go and see the view from his favourite lookout

By this time the wind was whipping the rain up and blowing it everywhere however it did not stop him and his partner from undertaking one of the mountain walks around the cliff edge with a duration of approx 1 hour. They may never been seen again!!

The rest of us piled into our cars and headed off to Leura for some retail therapy and a meal to finish off the day with.


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Karen, I actually walked along that boardwalk last year. :0)
We went on an organised holiday on the Central Coast, and the main group staying there, a probus club from north NSW had asked for a trip to the Blue Mtns, we thought we were having a cruise on the Broadwater as per the itinerary! Anyway, altho i am scared of heights, I went on the railway- very quick trip, and walked on the boardwalk, then cable car back. It was great and I was proud of myself for doing it- thought I would be cranky at myself when I got home if I had chickened out.:-)

Unknown said...

Great photos Karen . Despite the mist I'm glad you had a good time catching up with old friends .

Jo said...

I am glad you enjoyed some "real" Mountains weather Karen!