Monday, March 1, 2010

Stash building

When I was looking through my stash a couple of weeks ago I found that there was a lack of "blenders" so I went off to Aussie Patches sale on the weekend and bought the fabrics below as well as cutting blades which I use quite a few of.

Finally to make it to the cutting table is fabric that I have had for quite a while. It is a pattern that I am more or less winging it as I go. I saw a picture of something similar on the internet and tried to work it out. Hopefully it will end up like what I envisage! By the way that is my new cutting mat that I bought a couple of weeks ago.

The final photo is a couple of towel toppers with matching pot holders. I thought I would go back and make matching pot holders for the towel toppers that I have already made for my "giftie box".

I am taking up the challenge to post piccies of my sewing room on my blog. I will do that within a day or two when I get some spare time after work. Stay tuned.


Vicki ♥ said...

Love your new cutting board Karen and also your blender fabrics. Cant have enough of it I reckon. The towels look fabulous :)

Kimba4 said...

Lovely fabrics Karen and nice blue cutting board. I have not seen them in blue. Love the towel toppers and pot holders

Unknown said...

Love your towels Karen and I'm looking forward to sticky beaking at your room . lol !

miss~nance said...

Thats a good sized cutting mat. I am about to start work on some matching pot holders and hand towels inpsired by your birthday box.

Hugs & Blessings