Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 the year that was......

Kind to me.    On the work front I was able to successfully negotiate a 4 day working week.   This is a real bonus as I enjoy my three day weekends.   It gives me time to do what I need to do, what I want to do and other things as well.

On the personal side I celebrated   an "0" birthday this year with strict instructions to DH that under no circumstances was he to  give me a surprise party.   All that I wanted was a lunch with my family and he organised this splendidly.  

On the sewing/ quilting front I was elected to the position of secretary for my quilt group.    This entails producing a monthly newsletter which I enjoy gathering information for.   I  sometimes think that I spend far too much time trawling the internet and looking at other peoples blogs for ideas and articles.  Now what have I achieved in the sewing arena this year.    Perhaps not as much as I would have liked however having said that I did conquer my fear of foundation piecing earlier in the year but I still have two WIP's that need to be finished off using this method.   I did finish off a couple of snuggle quilts, tablerunners, tabletoppers, placemats and a few articles of clothing.  

Now it is around this time that everyone makes New Year's resolutions - in the past I usually find that I have made them only to break them  but there is one that I made a couple of years ago and that was to save all $5 notes that came my way and I am pleased to say that I am still doing that.    This year again I hope to mainly sew from my stash and only buy a piece or 2 or 3 or????  if I cannot match it from what I have and also to finish off the two WIP's spoken about earlier.    See how I go.  

This brings me to our very exclusive New Year's eve party which hubby and I host each year.    It is attended by us only - LOL - we treat ourselves to a nice "bottle of bubbles" along with some yummy cheeses, nibbles, choccies and fruit while we sit back and watch the fireworks in the comfort of our loungeroom.  

I hope that 2012 was a kind year to you also and that 2013 is a good one for us all.

Happy sewing and I hope to be back soon.

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secondhandrose said...

Sounds like 2012 was a good year for you. All the best for 2013.