Friday, January 18, 2013

Gorgeous flowering gum trees

I am not a fan of gum trees especially when they are in my yard as can be seen below.    We have a very old gum tree which attracts many major mitchell cockatoos.    Now if you live in Australia you will understand what I am saying.     Whilst they are an attractive bird to look at they are very destructive.   Some days we can have as many as 20 or so feeding in the tree.    I only caught one in the act yesterday

 And this is the mess that is made at ground level - we clean up around the same amount  like this most days.
Now comes the gorgeous flowering gum trees that my post is about.   On my way to work of a morning I walk pass these two trees and they are now in full flower.   I just had to take my camera with me yesterday and take a photo.   My favourite is the first one.
But then again the red in the one below is gorgeous also
I hope those pesky cockatoos do not find these lovely trees and end up stripping them.


TrishJ said...

Beautiful photos of flowering gums, my fave is the red one, we have one in our back yeard.

Helen said...

Gorgeous gum blossoms Karen. The birds will have a great time with them. Are the trees those smaller grafted ones? I'll be putting in an order for some of those for Chrissy presents. I'm hoping to be able to get back into gardening in a couple of months.