Sunday, October 13, 2013

Baby sewing

I am finally back and as mentioned in my previous post my machine and I have been busy sewing up a storm while waiting for the new family addition.

New parents always need burb cloths and whilst we knew that bub was going to be a girl it was decided to keep fabric bright and non gender specific - I did sneak in a bit of pink here and there as can be seen.

Some bibs
Receiving blankets

When it came to making the baby bag it was thought as dad is also going to be a primary carer as well that it would be best to go more practical than cutsie so I came up with this design.   The inside fabric matches with the inside fabric of the stroller.   A big thank you goes to hubby who had to help me with the adjustable strap.    This is the first bag that I have made that the strap adjusts and I had terrible trouble with it.   Even with looking at you-tube for hours my brain could not work it out.

And of course very baby bag needs a change mat.

 I bought a waterproof fabric for the outside and also used it in the inside where approx baby's bottom will be which will hopefully make clean up time easier if there are any mishaps whilst nappy changing is taking place.  The flap at the bottom can hold things like nappies, wipes etc.

   Then  there is the cot quilt.  

And lastly a piccie of the back of the quilt.

As with every new baby plenty of clothes are always given by friends so I decided to go along the path of everyday items that new parents need.  I certainly had great fun choosing fabrics, patterns and making the items.

Back to sewing some Christmas gifts and a few other bits and pieces which I hope to have piccies of up soon.

In the meantime happy sewing.


Shirlwin said...

Well done Karen!! What a lot of lovely useful items there. I can see this little one already has one doting Nana ... and Grandpa as well by the look of things:)

secondhandrose said...

Some wonderful baby stuff there Karen .

Vicki ♥ said...

Wow you have been busy Karen and a lot of lovely things for the new bub :) Hugs Vicki x

Liz said...

Beautiful stuff for grand daughter. Congratulations.

TrishJ said...

What lovely gifts for the new family addition. mind if I borrow a few ideas?