Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 was a .......

Momentous year for me personally.    January saw hubs and  I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, February I was elected as President of my quilting group.  During the year we purchased a new car, hubs and I became first time grandparents to a lovely little girl who is a delight to both us as grandparents and her parents.

I developed a mystery illness and remain to this day a complete puzzle to my dr and cardiologist.   Fortunately I have no ill effects  and life is now back to what is was before it all began.

I also retired from the workforce after 40 years.    If I had not  retired I would have been due to go back to work on Tuesday and at this stage I am far from ready mentally to go back.   I have settled into this retirement mode very quickly.     I have surprised myself at just how much I have achieved in the garden as well as finding time to read, cooking, getting back into going for my daily walk, doing jigsaw puzzles and being able to enjoy shopping at a leisurely pace instead of racing in and grabbing what I need and run out again.  

On the sewing front I made a lot of items for the baby including this tummy time quilt which I wanted to be all different textures for  her to feel.   I used chenille, wool, satin, fleecy , suede and ribbing to achieve those textures.

Now that I have retired I will have more time to spend  making clothes for the baby as well as for myself and of course quilting.    I have a few WIP's  that need to be finished.

Best wishes to everyone for  2014.    May you find time to do all the things that you need and want to do and all your UFO's and WIP's turn into completed items.

Happy sewing


secondhandrose said...

That is a fabulous quilt with all the textures. I'm sure your DG will enjoy it.
You have had so much happen in 2013 , hope you can take the time to smell the roses in 2014.

Ondrea said...

Karen, you have had a very blessed year and I hope this continues for 2014. Not so good about your health issues but hopefully they shall not return. I LOOOOOVEEEE that quilt!!!!! Angel hugs.

Liz said...

Karen. That quilt is gorgeous. You have had a wonderful year. Being " grandparents " really is the best feeling. Enjoy!

Shirlwin said...

A beautiful quilt Karen! Your little DGD will enjoy the textures. Your year was eventful ... what will happen this year? Enjoy this new part of your life; retirement which often means you have time to do all that you wanted to do, but not the time:)