Sunday, January 26, 2014

A new bag for me

Now that I am retired from the workforce and hubs and I are doing some day tripping around I found that a handbag was no longer practical to stuff all those items in that one needs "just in case" plus all the necessary items so on our way home from Leura last week I had hubs make a detour to call into a fabric store at the base of the mountains and I found and fell in love with this fabric and knew that I would be perfect for a new bag that I was formulating in my mind.    

The first piccie shows the front of the bag with the flap
And this piccie shows the back with a pocket especially made to slip  my Ipad in if I need to take it with me.

I also put in two pockets on the inside and made a base to give it firmness.  The base is removable  for washing and  I have enough fabric left over to make a sunglasses case plus a tissue  holder to put into one of the pockets.   I have given it a trial run around the house and very pleased that everything has a place  and the weight is evenly distributed across my body instead of one side.  

I am still working on the grab ball that I started a couple of weeks ago and hope to get that finished sometime this week.

Be back soon and in the meantime happy sewing. 


Ondrea said...

OMG you are sooooo clever! I love it! A matching tissue holder and glasses case will set it all off perfectly. Want to sell one? I can see you parading around the house lol. Don't forget a matching makeup bag also. Hehehe.

Shirlwin said...

Oh Karen, the bag is simply gorgeous. I love the fabric, and the design looks so very practical! Well done!!

secondhandrose said...

Wow I love the fabric! The bag looks fantastic, congratulations.

Susan said...

Wow lovely bag and love the fabric you have chosen.

Liz said...

Lovely fabric and wonderful design. You are certainly enjoying your retirement.