Saturday, March 1, 2014

All things bright and cute

Now that the weather is "turning" my thoughts have gone from pretty summer dresses for bub to bright long pants so I pulled out some of the fabric that daughter in law picked out during our shopping expedition and came up with............

When I saw the  "rainbows make me happy" t-shirt I knew it would go perfectly with those bright pants.    Bub has worn the outfit and received many positive comments.     Daddy  is not too impressed by what he calls the clown pants.

The blue pair below just need the elastic fitted.     They are very quick and easy to make - half a metre of fabric and about 1 hour and you have the cutest pair of pants made.


And at last the grab ball has been finished.    I have to say that it is not my best piece of work but I am sure bub will not be too critical of it.... hopefully.   In order to get the pieces sewn  together it was a bit of a challenge to keep the stitches small and tidy.  

I am currently waiting for the weather to fine up so that I can pre-wash some border and binding fabric for the quilt that I am currently working on.    

Back soon and the in meantime happy sewing all.   


Ondrea said...

Those pants are sooooooocute!!!! I will have to try making some when I become a grandy. Love the grab ball too. You are so clever.

Liz said...

I love the rainbow colors. Sewing for littlies is so nice. My eldest son(now 32) had 1 of those grow balls made for him.

Shirlwin said...

Such pretty little pants!! Your grand-daughter is going to have a wonderful dress sense installed at a young age:)
Love the grab ball ... a great idea.

suzie said...

Those pants look lovely Karen. Why do the guys get so funny about what their kids wear.