Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paint chip challenge

In September  last year I issued a paint chip challenge to the members of my quilt group whereby each member drew a paint chip containing  5 colours which could be used or they could choose 3 colours from the chip with the addition of black and white/cream and make any item from a mug rug to a kingsize  quilt or anything in between.

I decided to make a taggy for my granddaughter and when rummaging through my stash I found a fabric that had 3 of the colours in the one fabric which I used for the elephant body and used  yellow for the ear and
tail and appliqued  it into a cream background which gave me my 5 colour limit.

Today was our reveal date and as you can see from the photo below there was a variety of items made by the talented members of the group.

It was interesting to listen to the various conversations over the last few months as people discussed their progress and colours that they were working with.  

Thank you ladies for taking part in a fun challenge and working with colours that were outside of your comfort zone.

Thinking thinking of the next challenge now!!!!!!

I will be back soon with some photos of what has occupied my waking hours for the last couple of weeks but in the meantime happy sewing  all.


Shirlwin said...

Love the idea of paint chips for colourways!! Some wonderful projects completed.
In a forum I am in we have an ugly fabric challenge ... we were sent half a yard of 'ugly' fabric [we paid for it] and have to make something using 75% of that fabric. Completion date isn't quite here but it will be interesting to see what members come up with:)

Ondrea said...

That was a great idea and I love your elephant. The other projects all look great too.

Liz said...

This is such a great idea. I love your little tabby. The elephant is cute

Liz said...

Supposed to be TAGGY!