Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Design Refine

Sometime ago I made some bibs for bub which were a good size but now that she is on solids and drinking water  from a cup something waterproof was called for.      As grandmas do  their best thinking in the early hours of the morning I suddenly had a light bulb moment which saw me at the shops next day buying  a metre of rip stop nylon to go between the two layers of fabric as can be seen below. 

 I dug around in my stash to find some funky fabric.
And it was also an opportunity to use up some of those ever increasing scraps to make some patchwork bibs as can be seen below.
No more soaked tops and singlets after feed time now = one dry baby and one happy mummy who has less washing.  

Onto the next sewing project now.    What do you make with 3 metres of white fabric, 3 metres of Guipure lace, ribbon and pretty buttons in the photo below?

Back real soon to let you know and in the meantime happy sewing.


Liz said...

The bibs look so nice. The nylon would have been very helpful when my little boy was with us. I used Rubber backing for curtains as he was such a dribble. You are a tease! So looking forward to this "surprise"

Ondrea said...

Hmmm what are you up to? Very interesting indeed. A white lacy bunny perhaps? Great idea with the bibs and I loooove that bright cat fabric! Love most of the fabrics actually hehehe.