Sunday, July 20, 2014

Suitable for a wing chair

Last year hubs bought himself a comfy wing chair and of course I decided that it needed a quilt to compliment it.     A couple of years ago I was given a gift voucher for my LQS and I bought a layer cake called  Independence Trail   which I was holding onto for the "right" project to come along.    After spending sometime on Google I saw this video at the Missouri Quilt Company website called Double Slice Layer Cake which showcased the fabric rather than cut  the squares into small pieces.  

This is the quilt that kept going to the backburner while I was making baby clothes so I am pleased to say that it is finally finished and has had quite a few workouts during this rather chilly weather that we are experiencing at present.

The first photo shows the quilt on the chair for which it was made

And the photo below shows the full quilt.  As hubs is a tall person I wanted the quilt to be longer than wider so I made the top and bottom borders wider than the side ones.

After finishing off the quilt I had to take time out to clean and tidy up my sewing room so that I could see the floor and gain back some much needed space which had become cluttered over a period of time.   A couple of  steel rods over the beams have given me hanging space for rulers and other bits and pieces to keep them off my sewing table.    

Now onto the next project/s which are running around in my head.       I am tending to give priority to a cloth book for bub which will consist of simple shapes of bright colours which I will applique on.   As she gets a bit older I have some ideas to make a "quiet book" which will have a variety of things to do.   A google of quiet books reveals some many ideas.  

I hope to be back soon with some photos of the cloth book and in the meantime happy sewing.        


Shirlwin said...

A lovely quilt for 'the man of the house'. It's funny how we hold onto some fabric just waiting for the right project.

Liz said...

Lovely quilt. The layer Cake is just perfect, "independence " -isn't that what retirement is all about? said...

Just perfect!