Saturday, July 26, 2014

A bit sidetracked

At the end of my last post I was supposed to be working on some cloth books for bub but ended up making a wall hanging for her room instead.     Her bedroom has a park like theme.  It has a blue ceiling with clouds on it, a mobile with a little girl on a swing as well as butterflies, mushrooms, flowers and bees.    One of the walls is soon to have  a decal of a large tree with  foxes and owls and some pretty blue wings attached to her dressing table so I thought that this wall hanging with owls would fit right in.     At 2 am one morning last week I remembered that I had some sparkly blue butterflies floating around in a drawer in my sewing room which I added to the top of the hanging.

After completing the wall hanging it was still a cold and wet morning so I grabbed out some of those ever increasing scraps and made some pretty purse size  tissue holders.    One for me and the rest for my "giftie" box.    If you would like to make some of these quick and easy tissue holders the link is

Now to get back on track I will make a start on the cloth book tomorrow.   While I was rummaging through my scrap pile today I found lots of suitable fabrics which will be used for the various shapes.  

Happy sewing.


Liz said...

This wall hanging should fit right into that beautiful room. Very special! Love those tissue holders.

Shirlwin said...

The owl wall hanging is perfect:) A few years ago I made lots of those tissue holders as part of Christmas presents, easy to do and oh so useful.