Saturday, August 2, 2014

Winter is still with us...

As we saw today in the mountains just west of Sydney.   Hubs and I ventured to the mountains for the day and saw much evidence that winter is still here.

Many of the trees lining the streets are still without leaves

Chimneys are gently puffing out smoke

Roofs have ice on them

And a dusting of snow on the ground in shady areas at midday

All this cold weather requires one to have a hot drink and a little "sweetie" to help keep the body temperature stable and what better way to do this than to stop off at a coffee shop to refuel.

On the way back to the car I was given hope that maybe Spring is not too far away when I spotted this pretty blossom tree in full bloom.   Roll on warm weather.

And of course no trip to the mountains is complete without a visit to the lovely patchwork shops along the way.     I did not buy any fabric this time as I was on a "inspiration mission" for my next quilt.     Mission accomplished - now all I have to do is "audition"  my stash.

Stay warm and happy sewing.


Liz said...

Just seeing the snow makes me cold. Sounds like you had a beautiful day in the mts.

Shirlwin said...

That is Winter!!! The lovely photos remind me of my home town where ice was a regular scene and snow sometimes. I don't' really miss them!