Friday, August 22, 2014

Cutting, cutting, cutting

Well the rain did arrive and so I headed to my sewing room to start on my next quilt project.     A new blade was definitely needed so after a quick service on my cutting ruler off I went.  I like to use two rulers when cutting.  I line up the fabric against the lines on the cutting mat and then place the metal bar with the cutting blade  the desired width then with my second ruler I check that I have the fabric and blade line up straight.   Once I am happy  I then remove the second ruler and run the blade over the fabric.       I find this gives me an accurate measurement and the fabric does not slip whilst I am cutting.   To me this so much easier than using a rotary cutter when cutting many strips of fabric.

After a couple of hours I have produced many 2" x 6" strips

And another pile of smaller scraps which are destined for another scrap quilt.

And still the rain falls but we did have a little ray of sunshine yesterday which produced a small rainbow - it is in the middle of the photo - which appeared to be  in the street behind us.    Sadly the pot of gold was not in our backyard.

Back to my strip cutting and I hope to make a start on sewing them together.

In the meantime happy sewing.


Shirlwin said...

You have me curious as to the pattern you intending using ... pretty colours Karen!
The rain has its uses, even for those who do not 'need' the rain ... it gives a real reason to sew!

Liz said...

I love that you explained the 2 ruler use. I was at a workshop just recently and some ladies do that,left me wondering. Look forward to seeing what you produce. Enjoy the rain,"they" say we are in for a drought again.;(