Friday, August 8, 2014

My first......

Attempt at a cloth book was finished off during the week.    I started with a simple book of basic shapes which can also be used to show colours.   I tried where possible to find fabric which had a picture of the shape that is on each page.    As you can below I was able to use fabric with small squares on it for the square shape and stars for the star shape.

I also rummaged around in my stash of leftover scraps and found some fabric with hearts on it for the heart shape
Fabric with circles  for the circle
I was not so lucky to find a piece with triangles so I just used plain fabric - as I did for a few of the shapes -cut into the shape but a further rummage in the scrap box revealed a piece with most shapes on it.

On the front and back cover I used  simple shapes to make a house, with the sun, tree and a cloud.

Bub loves her books and enjoys turning over the pages which she can do without tearing these pages.  I made a few notes along with way whilst making this pro-type and will make one or two adjustments when doing next one.     The themes for cloth books are endless and the best thing is they can be thrown in the washing machine for a wash when needed.

I have not had time to audition my stash for my next quilt as I have been busy catching up with some very good friends who are visiting from Bribie Island.     We have known each other for just on 38 years and even though we now have a distance of some 800 kms between us our friendship is just as strong.    We have seen each other's children grow up and now they have children of their own.

Today hubs and I also met up with some friends of ours for our "once a month retired couples lunch" but there is always next week to make a start with the stash.

In the meantime happy sewing.  


Liz said...

What a clever Grandma. You have done a great job! I am sure she loves it!

Shirlwin said...

I have never attempted one of those books, your first effort is lovely and I am sure 'Bubs' will love turning the pages ... and learning shapes and colours.
Its so nice to catch up with friends!!