Friday, October 3, 2014

Little dresses

This is the result of my not being able to  get out the door while the tree loppers were busy.  Four little dresses for my granddaughter.     I used the same basic pattern and put a different sleeve on each one.    Everytime I visit the fabric shop I manage to find a piece or two that would look pretty made up as a item of clothing for a little girl.

I have to say that I cringe when I look at what  shops charge for children's clothing.     All that it takes is less than a metre of fabric and a couple of hours to complete each dress.    I have a couple of other items that are cut out and ready to be fed into my machine.    

This weekend is the beginning of daylight saving and I am so looking forward to darker mornings and brighter nights.  

Back soon with a piccie of the other items and in the meantime happy sewing.


Shirlwin said...

I think handmade dresses are the best for little grand daughters ... no one else will have one the same!!! And I agree about the prices charged in shops for an article of clothing that a little girl will grow out of.

Jo said...

I love the little dresses you have posted. Your granddaughter will be putting in orders before long. My daughter used to point out clothes in the shop windows she wanted me to make for her.