Sunday, September 28, 2014

Native trees are not for suburban gardens

When hubs and I bought our house well over 30 years ago we "inherited" a large watergum tree which was very close to the end of our house and our next door neighbours.    At last commonsense prevailed and a new regulation was just passed through Parliament a couple of months ago allowing for such trees to be removed without permission.     A phone call to our treelopper and the  date was set for the tree to come down.

As you can see it is VERY CLOSE to our house and on the fenceline

Stay clear man above working
And 5 hours later all gone
All that was left to do was feed it into the chipper
Seeing as I was not able to get out my front door I took the opportunity to do some cutting out
And I am pleased to say that I have just about finishing the sewing up part also.

I am going to take my sewing machine outside  and enjoy the beautiful day while I put in some buttonholes.   Back real soon with some photos of what I have been doing.

In the meantime happy sewing.

1 comment:

Shirlwin said...

It is a work of art cutting down a huge tree! Are you going to plant around the stump?
Ah, sewing outside, now that is a grand idea:)