Saturday, September 20, 2014

A country railway station....

Is where I found this manual indicator board.   It took me back to when I was little and travelled to school each day by train.   Now all indicator boards around Sydney are computerised.

Hubs and I headed off to Bowral for the day to see the tulip festival.      Each year a  lovely display of tulips can be found in Corbett Gardens but this year the tulips were a little light on - not being an expert on tulips - I can only think that it was due to so much rain during August and lack of sunshine.

While passing through the city we stopped off to see the annual flower festival at David Jones store which is a must to do each year.   The flowers were stunning again as can be seen below.


Hubs and I are just back from a drive to West Head  and of course at this time of the year the wildflowers which line the side of the roads are well worth stopping to have a look at.

At the end of the road this is the view from the lookout.   The building on top of the headland is Barrenjoey Lighthouse.
And looking north the island is called Lion Island and the Central Coast can be seen behind it.
I am pleased to say that with all this joy riding around I did pre-wash some fabric today and even cut out an item or two.  

Back soon with some photos of my sewing efforts and in the meantime happy sewing all.


Shirlwin said...

Beautiful floral 'carpets' that remind me of the flower shows held at my Primary School [many decades ago]. One room had a floral carpet, roped off; even as a small child I marvelled at the work.
Lovely views Karen ... you and Hubs are making the most of your 'retirement' years:) With a little sewing added in of course.

Liz said...

Lovely flowers. I have tried to see the DJ's display each year but it has been some time since I saw it. Always looks lovely but would like to see it in flesh. Beautiful flower pics. Hope all is well . I am getting another grand baby.