Saturday, December 20, 2014


I was well and truly ready to take part in FNSI again this month as I have not been near my sewing room for just on 3 weeks and I was having severe withdrawal symptoms.   I have been busy organising Christmas shopping - both presents and food, socialising with friends, helping family members move as well as gardening and domestic duties which never seem to end.  

So I made sure that I was seated at my sewing machine straight away after breakfast yesterday to finish off some table toppers which I made a start on a few weeks ago.   I decided that I wanted to use up some novelty fabric which was lurking in my stash for far too long and yesterday I was able to finish off two as well as make a Christmas bib  for bub.

The first topper is chickens and I surrounded them with chicken wire to stop them from straying

The second one is a true scrap patchwork topper using up all those bits and pieces leftover  from other projects.  I joined up the last of the scraps and sewed them altogether to make the binding.

These are good sized projects to practice my FMQ skill on which certainly needs a lot of work.

After lunch I cut out and sewed this bib up.

 I have another 5 themed table toppers all pieced, sandwiched and ready to quilt.  

Part of the reason for the early start  to FNSI yesterday was due to the fact that it was 12 months to the day that I retired from the workforce last year so hubs and I went out to dinner to celebrate that anniversary.    Where has that 12 months gone??????

Thank you  again Wendy over at Sugarlane Quilts  for hosting FNSI again.    I am going to head over there  now to see what others have achieved.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas.    Back soon with some more themed table toppers and in the meantime happy sewing.


Susan said...

Love the table toppers- 12 months since you retired?? I wonder how much I would get done if I retired too...

Bev C said...

Hello Karen,

Some lovely Christmas projects there. Love the little girls dress in the previous post.

Happy days.

retdairyqueen said...

Oh I love those runners Like the shape On my to do list

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen ,wow you have done a beautiful job of your table toppers.xx

Flickenstichlerin said...

Well, congratulations on your 1 year retirenment anniversairy, enjoy free life and all the time that comes with it.
Beautiful table toppers, you have got a lot done on this day.
Merry Christmas,

Fiona said...

lovely table toppers... I also make up smaller projects like that to practice FMQ... can always use them

Anonymous said...

Love your table toppers! Especially the chicken one.

Ondrea said...

Love your table toppers, especially the chook one. I have never seen red wire fabric before. Lovely projects indeed.