Thursday, August 13, 2015

Q Station

Is where hubs and I headed during the week.   We have lived in our area for over 40 years and have always heard of "Q  Station" but have never been there so it was time to see what we were missing out on.  

The old quarantine station is inside the Sydney Harbour National Park and is now leased out to an hotel chain to manage.   We did not realise just how big an area was involved in the Q Station so I am glad that we opted for the big breakfast option at the hotel before setting off to see the sights.

This is the Main Axial Street of the First Class area

The First class kitchen.     Imagine having to cook on that stove.

Original sinks in one of the bathrooms.    A modern touch with the soap and towel dispenser.

The ladies did manage to get themselves a sewing room.  Unfortunately it was locked so I was not able to go inside.

This is the view from the Second Class dining area looking back to Manly........very different to what it would have been back then

And this is looking back across to the city

What a fascinating place and well worth a visit.     The nightly ghost tours would certainly be interesting.

Hubs has requested a new in-between the large bag and the small bag which  I have cut out and partially sewn.   It is on my "to do list" to get it finished this weekend so hopefully I will be back very soon with some photos and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Kaisievic said...

Fascinating, thank you so much for sharing.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

What an interesting place--thanks for taking me along in photos.

Liz said...

Not being local had not heard aboutQ station. You have been an excellent guide. Makes me want to go! Maybe next trip to Sydney!