Thursday, October 22, 2015

Barrington Tops

Is where hubs and I took off to for a few days break.    It is an  area that neither of us have been to before and we were amazed at how green and scenic the countryside is.   We based ourselves at Gloucester which is about 40 minutes drive to Barrington  Tops.   Our "home" for the time that we were away and the view of the Bucketts Mountains that we enjoyed.

You know that you are in the country when you see signs such as the  Country Women's Association and the sign in the shop window below.   Obviously we had the wrong day as the shop  was firmly  shut.   The next photo shows an early morning walk on the golf course next to our accommodation.   All that exercise works up an appetite and we found a cafe that served up a " man sized country" omelette for breakfast.

A walk along the rivers edge where platypuses live we found a "rock ring".....not sure if  it was  made by human hands or clever platypuses.    Time for a cool off in the pool.

The area of Gloucester and it's surrounds is well worth a visit.   It was lovely to "recharge the batteries" for a few days and have a complete break from all the mundane domestics that need to be done.    Sadly I did not find one fabric shop during our travels.   I did however do some "googling" whilst relaxing over a coffee and have come up with ideas.   Back soon with my progress on those and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Anthea said...

Looks like a wonderful spot for a break Karen... hope you find a fabric shop or two!

Alist Partners said...

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