Friday, November 20, 2015


Or in my case this month FDSI as I was able to make an early start on some Christmas and secret sewing.    Well it has just been declared official that today in Sydney was the hottest November day on record with the temperature reaching 41 degrees celsius or for those familiar with fahrenheit just over 105 degrees so in order to "think cool" I finished off December's Sunbonnet Sue standing at the North Pole.

I was given a gorgeous panel last Christmas and it was time to pull it out and make a tabletopper for our Christmas table this year.     I had the red and silver fabric which I used as border fabric and it fits in perfectly with the panel.  I quilted just inside each of the blocks with grey thread and then quilted in between the rows with white.    I felt that it did not need anymore quilting.

Next up was some secret sewing.    I cannot reveal anymore as the recipient has been known to read my blog from time to time so I do not want to give anything away.
I had mentioned in the past that I have some novel fabric which has been lurking in my stash for a while and I had hoped to do something with it since my last post but  that has not happened.     This is the fabric

And with the addition of  grey for roads, green for a forest and  blue for a pond I think that it should make a good playmat for bub's fairy houses and carriages when she comes to grandma and
grandpa's house for a visit.

It is supposed to be much cooler tomorrow so perhaps I can think about "building" roads etc then and be back soon with some photos.

Thank you once again Wendy for hosting another fun night - or in my case day.   If you would like to come on a blog hopping journey with me to see what others created overnight then step this way over to Sugarlane Designs.
Happy sewing all


Michelle Ridgway said...

You poor thing. You are hotter than us up here! Love all your stitching. Yes SBSue needs to stay cool x

Narelle said...

Love Sue and she has the perfect spot to be on a day like today.
Gorgeous your panel is :o)

Susan said...

Lovely to have a whole day to sew - at least for you it has cooled off a bit now -that's a lovely panel - but i really like where that playmat is heading- have fun with it.

Cath said...

I love that panel and SBS....gosh you did have a hot one! I hope it has cooled down significantly for you.

Raewyn said...

I hope you have a good aircon for temperatures like that? Great you got the whole day to sew - your SBS is cute and the panel a perfect table topper.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,wow i love your hanging and that panel is one of the cutest i have ever seen,yes lots of secret sewing going on at the moment,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Maria said...

Lovely panel and Sun Bonnet Sue looks great .. I hear you about hot. We had a 42 on Saturday...