Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent calendar

A few months ago I made an Advent calendar for bub and the time has come to fill it and pass it over to her parents so they can supervise the  taking of a small gift each morning from the appropriate pocket.    I decided that not all would be chocolate so I mixed it up with small hair slides,  fairy stamps and stickers.   Wrapping some of the goodies

Adding them into the pockets as I go

Even though bub is too young at the moment to comprehend the countdown to Christmas Day I hope that she will enjoy getting a small gift each morning and it will become a tradition for many years to come.

I have  made 3 sets of reversible hot pads which I have put into my "giftie" box for future small gifts when needed.   I decided that they could be mix or match.   This way to match    

On the flipside

My "road building" efforts are coming along nicely on the playmat.     I hope to be back during the week to show  my progress and in the meantime

   Happy sewing all

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