Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Hawaii is the second destination on the World Quilting Travel Adventure.    It was time to unpack from Oregon and pack for the warm climate of  a tropical island.    I think that I have included all that is needed for such a vacation.

Hubs and I have been lucky in the past to be able to travel to Hawaii on a few occasions and can happily say that it is one of our favourite  holiday places.     The lovely beaches with warm water lapping at your toes as you stroll  along the waters edge catching every now and then the sweet smell of  the plumeria flowers make for a very relaxing holiday.   JoJo has also been to Hawaii and has put some interesting facts  here including pictures of  the second challenge item which includes  a plumeria flower.    I was lucky enough to have a piece of fabric with plumeria flowers on it and decided that I enjoyed making the mug rug last month so I would go with that idea again.    So here is my salute to Hawaii

Thanks JoJo for the inspiration and I look forward to our next destination on this adventure.

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Back soon with some progress on my Rainbow quilt challenge and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


I am said...

This sounds like so much fun Karen .

Jasmine said...

This sounds like a fun challenge. Your fabric for the mug rug is beautiful. It makes me want to go back to Hawaii and buy some authentic fabric. ;)

Bethan said...

I love your fabric! Can't wait to see where you stop next