Friday, July 7, 2017

Dancing dress

Grandma do you have a dancing dress was the question that Miss M asked last week and the answer from me was "no but perhaps I could make one".   This obviously was the right answer  as Miss M then went on the explain to me what a dancing dress looks like......"it has a big twirly skirt and looks like my Cinderella doll's dress" which can be seen below.

OK leave it with me and hopefully there will be a dancing dress ready for your visit next week was my reply.   Fortunately for me many friends and relatives over the years have given me bit and pieces of their leftover  sewing projects which have been stored in a cupboard in my sewing room for an unknown one day project so into the cupboard I delve and come up with some blue fabric, pink lace and offcuts of curtain fabric - perfect for a dancing dress.       After 2 hours this is the result.

Hopefully this is what Miss M had in mind with her description of a dancing dress.   I did make the dress a bit on the big side so that she can pull it off and on easily and can be worn over bulky winter clothes at this time of the year.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting another FNwF.   I did cheat a little and start sewing this morning as I was on a mission to get this finished before the weekend as I did not want to disappoint Miss M by not having it ready.      I also made a lacy scrunchie to go with the dress but forgot to photograph it.

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Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Helen said...

Oh the dress and doll look wonderful !

Ondrea said...

OH my! You are so clever girl! Such a pretty "dancing" dress.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh that is just so lovely....a little someone is going to be so happy xx

Bethan said...

Oh that's so lovely! And how clever to make it from leftover material. I'm sure Miss M will love it x

Cheryll said...

She will LoVe it... its wonderful...
Nice having your company at FNwF too...xox

newsurfiegirl said...

I hope miss M loved her dress!

Debbie said...

The dress looks wonderful and what memories the Cinderella doll has brought back for me....I had one just like this as a little girl....she was in pinks....I adored her. I must go and see if i can find her in the loft now....x

SRUN POR said...

I was very fortunate to be able to visit your page.