Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A little piece of Scotland

Hubs likes all things Scottish - especially shortbread - and when shopping in one of my favourite quilt shops sometime back  I saw a fat quarter which depicted all things Scottish so home it came with me and sat in my sewing room until the other day when it was made into a cushion cover.

Hubs was delighted with his little piece of Scotland.   With all the heavy fog that we have been having lately anyone would think we lived in Scotland.  

It is good weather for eating lots of warming soup.  I like to make a large pot so we can have it over a couple of days for lunches.

Fortunately the weather  has cleared as hubs and I have had Miss M with us for a few days so we have been able to get out and do all those holiday activities like scooting around the lake

Playing in the playground

Riding on the Manly ferry and seeing the sights of city as they come into view.

Doing some potting of plants at the local garden centre to take home and look after.   Miss M is proudly showing the poppy that she planted.  

All the toys have been picked up, the colouring in books and pencils back where they belong, the sewing machine and computer are mine to use again and Miss M has been delivered back to her mummy and daddy.     I will miss my "little shadow" and hope that she is able to come and stay with us again  next school holidays.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all



Ondrea said...

It must be such a delight having Miss M stay with you. That fabric sure is Scottish!!

retdairyqueen said...

Great cushion
Loved all your photos

Fiona said...

Great cushion.. that fabric was a great find. I do love soups in winter.... yours looks yummy.

What a lovely little shadow for a while.... so fun to do all those things and what wonderful memories you are making for her....

Back to your sewing now....

Maria said...

The Fat Quarter was a good find and you've made it into a lovely cushion for hubs.
Always nice to have Miss M for a few days, pleased you could take her out for a lovely outing.