Monday, November 17, 2014

Every girl needs a.........

Handbag and bubs at 13 months is no different.    She has been delving into mummy's bag and pulling out its contents so action was called for to remedy the problem.      A rummage around the scrap drawer revealed some cute bright ladybird fabric and an hour later bubs had her own bag which was filled with her "mobile phone" and a set of keys.

Hopefully this will stop the raiding of mummy's bag.  

The sewing machine has also been busy sewing up some "in-between" season pants.

The owls pants are being given a workout in the photo below.

And a cardigan to pop on top of a summer dress on those cooler days.

It is only just over 5 weeks to Christmas and I have quite a bit of Christmas fabric to play with.   I have a couple of things in mind to sew but not enough time to make a start.      I hope to find sometime later in the week.       I plan on being back soon with a few Christmas items to show and in the meantime happy sewing.  


Liz said...

Love the fabric in the "handbag"The pants and cardigan are lovely. One trendy little Bubs.

Ondrea said...

My goodness, you are a creative grandma! Great idea making that bag and the owl pants are sooooo cute.

Unknown said...

I've been looking through your blog after Craig mentioned it and you're amazing and very inspirational. I want to attempt some of these items for my busy 16 month old daughter!