Sunday, May 24, 2015

Folded star workshop

My quilting group had a workshop on making a folded star hot pad however I decided that all that work should be on display and not covered up with a hot pan on top so I decided to make a design change on mine.    After purchasing the pattern and drafting it out onto a foundation piece on which to build the design we were off.

Step one was cutting the  chosen fabrics, ironing the pieces into triangles, pinning and gluing  them into place following the lines.   Some found it easier to leave the sewing of the triangles to the end but I decided to sew each one down as I went by flipping open each triangle and after sewing it down giving it a good press to make it sit flat before adding the next round.

Next lot of triangles folded, ironed, pinned and ready to put in place.

Starting to take shape

After adding the fourth and final round this is where I made a change by adding in a white triangle in each of the corners and then adding two rows to end up with a cushion.  


I was very pleased with the end result and would certainly make another cushion or three using this design.

Yesterday I found my way into the local quilt shop and restrained myself to only buying what I had on my "must buy today list" which was the white pen to mark out the border design of the WIP, thread to match the backing of the same quilt and a fat quarter of a very elusive piece of fabric that is needed as a background for one of the S/Sues that I am doing.

I decided only to use up scraps for my S/Sue project but I needed a specific piece and had nothing like it nor have I been able to find what I had envisaged at any of the shops that I have been looking at over the last few weeks so it was time to compromise and go with an alternative idea.  The piece that I bought I think will fit in very well with the theme for which it is needed.

Today I am going to mark out the quilting design with my new pen and hope to make a start on the quilting part as well and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Ondrea said...

You are so clever. It looks wonderful. Lots of time and patience I suspect.

Liz said...

I thought I left a comment. Love the folded star. In a swap I made one for my partner and it was so heavy .lots of material folds..