Monday, May 4, 2015

Taronga Zoo

Is where hubs and I headed to meet up with bub and her mummy and daddy for her first encounter with the wild animals.   From first hand experience I have found it is best to arrive at the Zoo early in the morning before the crowds arrive

Walking down through the Zoo you can catch a glimpse of the city

I think that the giraffes have the best view in the Zoo. 

Checking out the chimps

The lioness and her  "snoozing partner" were also high on the "favourites" list for the day.

But the sea lion won the day as it was at eye level and bub could run along the tank as it swam past calling out "here he come, here he come".

After all that walking and running bub and everyone else slept well that night.

I am currently working on next month's Sunbonnet Sue and hope to be back soon with some photos of her and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

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Anonymous said...

what a fun happy day for you all Karen xx