Sunday, February 14, 2016

Owl be watching you

Is what I have named the placemat that I have made for Miss M for when she comes to stay at grandma and grandpa's house.    Miss M loves owls so it was decided to go with an owl theme for her special mat.     I was thinking of just making a placemat in the shape of an owl but on further consideration I decided to applique an owl onto a rectangle so she can see the owl when the plate and cup are set on it.     Instead of appliquing the wings I decided to sew them on with a gap so that the cutlery will sit inside them.     The first photo shows the placemat in full

And the photo below shows it set for a meal

In keeping with the owl theme one of the pairs of in-between season pants that I finished off during the week  also has owls on them.

Heading back to the sewing room this week in order to make some progress with a couple of items that have become UFO's.    Back soon and in the meantime
Happy sewing all

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Helen said...

Wonderful placemat for little ones !!