Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Salad days

For those hot summer nights I always like to have a couple of salads ready to go in the fridge each day to serve with some cold meat, chicken or salmon for dinner.    Two of my favourites are a Greek salad and a Waldorf Salad.      If anyone is a fan of "Faulty Towers"  they will remember the episode of the American tourist telling Basil Faulty how to make a Waldorf salad and this is how I got the recipe.     Very quick and  easy to make - my favourite type of recipe.   And of course a bowl of my home grown tomatoes.    I am "harvesting" a bowl like the one in the photo every second day.

I can finally show the Star War shorts that  my daughter in law requested.   I gave them to her as part of her birthday present today.

I am making good progress with the in-between season pants for Miss M.    She was my model today as I needed to try them on her for the length.     That will be tomorrow's job to finish them off.    Back soon with some photos of the finished item and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

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