Monday, April 25, 2016

My New Toy

I have been thinking for sometime that it would be an advantage to have an overlocker.   A few weeks ago one of the members of my quilting group was showing us all the benefits of an overlocker which confirmed my thinking that "this is a must".    Off to the sewing machine shop last week for a chat and a demonstration saw me walk out with my new toy.  

Home to set it up on my dining room table while I learnt all the "ins and outs"  before moving it to my sewing room and I manged to get all those clothes that I cut out last week sewn up.

How quick it is to sew up a pair of pants for Miss M and  myself.    Why did I not have an overlocker years ago????   Now I can make double the clothes in half the time.      And just to prove it was not beginners luck I made another couple of pairs of winter pants for Miss M in well under half an hour from start to finish today.

Tomorrow sees me sewing up some fleecy tops and matching hats for Miss M.

I am whizzing through my winter fabric stash and will need to replenish my stock.  

Today we are celebrating Anzac Day - Lest We Forget.

Back soon with my efforts tomorrow and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

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Anthea said...

Hi Karen... oh you're all set now... an overlocker is brilliant for making easy clothes... I used mine for years when the kids were little, making heaps of stuff for them... it seems these days the clothes are so cheap it's hardly worth making your own, but it's lovely to have something unique. Enjoy!