Sunday, May 1, 2016

Breakfast is ready..........

And I did not have to get it.  

Hubs and I have just spent 4 days being pampered in Canberra.  We booked ourselves in the Hotel Kurrajong in the suburb of Barton.

Our room

Modern technology  makes getting around unfamiliar areas a breeze.    For those who have been to Canberra will know what I mean and for those who have not - Canberra has been designed on a series of circles and if you are not on the "right circle" you can end up on the other side of the city very quickly with no way back.   Ask me how I know.   Hubs and I were nearly divorced in Canberra many years ago all over how to get to the War Memorial.   So we take no chances now and always take the Ipad.  

Canberra consists of many beautiful parks and  lovely wide tree-lined streets and being autumn are full of colour.


Being a tourist is thirty work and how could we pass this sign.   As you can see I did.

Back into the car and heading off to the Mint to see where our coins are made.  No free samples were being given out unfortunately.

Onto Parliament House to enjoy the view over Canberra from the rooftop.

The Australian flag which flys at the top of Parliament House can be seen from most areas of Canberra.

On the way home today we stopped off the see the annual pumpkin festival at Collector but unfortunately the weather gods were not happy and the wind and rain were really lashing around the area.    We  did see some of the displays and had enough time to buy a pumpkin to make soup and some pumpkin scones - which we will enjoy for tomorrow's morning tea - before having to make a mad dash to the car with wet clothes and umbrellas which had blown inside out.

Back to reality tonight - sorting laundry and cooking dinner.  

Back soon and in the meantime
Happy sewing all


Helen said...

Sounds like the perfect 4 days of pampering and sightseeing !!

Liz said...

Only just catching up with your news. Canberra is a lovely place to visit. Been back in Canberra now for 30 yrs so driving in circles is second nature.