Sunday, May 29, 2016

This way or......

That way or the other way is the question that I was asking  hubs today.     I finished sewing, cutting and ironing my blue and white HSTs and it is  now time to make a final decision as how I am going to place them in the bedrunner.  First way.

  Something not quite right here at the ends so a quick re-arrangement  to this

Which we both thought was a much better placement of the ends.  I then decided to go with a narrow white border and a bit wider blue border.  

So decision made, photograph taken to use as a guide and squares now waiting to be trimmed and joined.

I am pleased to say that I did achieve my OMG for May which was to sew up the required number of HSTs needed.

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Back soon hopefully with the completed item and in the meantime.

Happy sewing all

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Heidi said...

Looking good Karen! I like the layout, especially with the white accent border!