Friday, February 10, 2017

30 Day Check-in

It is just over 30 days since I signed up to join in the 100 day challenge back in early January and the 3 items that I listed were firstly  my 365 daily circles which I will endeavour to at least get all the blocks sewn together, secondly will be to finish off the rainbow scrap quilt and next on my list is to make a new bag for myself.

Confession time - I have now sewn 6 rows together and they are all quilted - only 15 rows left to join up and quilt as I go.      

Moving on to my next goal of the rainbow quilt.   Sadly it is still sitting in exactly the same position as it was a month ago.   What can I say!  Next on the list is my bag which I can report  is finished and has attracted quite a few admiring comments when used a couple of times this week.

I will be interested to see what progress is made with my goals during the next 30 days when I next report back on this challenge. 

I have a little bit of secret sewing to do over the next week using these fabrics.

You can see how everyone else is progressing with their goals for the 100 day challenge over at Quilter in the Closet.

Back soon with some photos of my secret sewing and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Judy H said...

Congratulations! You are making great progress.

Maria said...

You are moving along nicely Karen...
Look forward to seeing what those interesting fabrics make ?

Anthea said...

hhmmm, very interesting fabrics there for the Secret Sewing, Karen... great work on putting the circles together. x

Bethan said...

Great progress! Still really loving your circle work! Looking forward to seeing the results of the secret sewing! x