Saturday, February 18, 2017

Secret sewing

Is now finished and has been delivered.      Nothing like getting an idea in the middle of the night very close to a birthday and having to execute it in a few hours.     Last week when going through my fabrics for something else as one does from time to time I had this brilliant idea to make a mug rug to go with a birthday gift.     And seeing that it is the Year of the Rooster and the birthday girl concerned is a Rooster according to Chinese astrology it seemed appropriate.

During the week I was walking through a fabric store and some fabric jumped right out and said "make a beach bag out of me".    What could I say but add it to the secret sewing list also.  I did not have a pattern for the bag but a quick "google" soon answered size and a few other questions.     I really made two bags - one inside the other - and just poked the belting used for the handles down between the two and stitched around the top and again about 3/4" below the first row to secure the handles well because as you know beach bags tend to get a lot of things stuffed into them.    I also put one large pocket secured at the top with velco and two smaller pockets on the inside to keep car keys safe as well as sunscreen and bottles of water upright.   The bottom of the bag is boxed.    I was very happy with the result and the birthday girl was too.

With all this hot weather that we have been having it was a good opportunity to start FNSI early and get some fabric pre-washing done.   I know that it is hard to think winter clothes but the cool weather will be here one day and I want to be ready.

The flannette is for pj pants and the others will be tops, cardigans and long pants for Miss M.    My overlocker will be working overtime soon.     Maybe the weather will have cooled down enough by next month's FNSI to start making the clothes.

Thanks Wendy for another fun night.  Linking with Oh Scrap

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen wow what a productive night you had,i love the rooster mug rug,it looks fantastic and that bag is so cute,well done.

Ondrea said...

OMG!!!!! I love that rooster!!!! Probably because I am also year of the rooster LOL. Great finds with the fabrics. Some lovely things being created again. Well done.

Maria said...

What a great idea for the birthday girl, Rooster Mug rug is cute and a fabulous beach bag too.
Nice pile of fabrics ready to sew winter gear for Miss M..

Bethan said...

I love the beach bag. Lovely gifts! x

Janet said...

I love it when fabric jumps out and tells me to make something out of it. :) Very lovely presents!

Raewyn said...

Great use of your impulse buying and lovely gifts as a result :-) Good on you thinking ahead to winter - very hard to imagine at the moment with the weather as it is! I really need to haul out my overlocker too, such a handy machine - I'm sure it will need a service after being idle for a long time - and I will need lessons too I think!

Helen said...

Love your bag the fabric is perfect made for a fantastic gift !

newsurfiegirl said...

I bet the birthday girl was very happy to receive those gifts, very thoughtful! It is always a good time to get prepped for a project.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

The rooster print was a great idea! I laughed when you talked about shopping - that happens to me all the time. What can you do but listen to the fabrics!

Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!