Sunday, October 8, 2017

Oh to be 4 again

Yesterday Miss M celebrated her 4 birthday.    Delving into a birthday bag of goodies

Each year her godmother makes a requested birthday cake.   This year Miss M asked for a ladybug cake and she was lucky enough to get 3.

A great day was had by all especially the birthday girl who scored some lovely gifts from family and friends. 

During the week hubs and I had an enjoyable day out when we  visited the Ku-ring-gai wildflower garden.   It was a perfect day weatherwise and as we were there early not many people were around so we virtually had the place to ourselves as we wandered around the shaded boardwalks.

We saw our state's floral emblem - the waratah

One of the world's oldest trees - the wollemi pine

Below is a selection of wildflowers that can be seen as you walk through the area.

And an unusual way to use fallen seed pods

It was a lovely way to spend the day especially during the beautiful spring weather that we are having at present. 

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Soma @ said...

A Very Happy Belated Birthday to Miss M. The cakes look amazing! The wildflower garden is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen looks like miss M had a wonderful day love her cake,what a garden lots to see,hope you have a wonderful day xx

Ondrea said...

What a clever cake maker! Looks like Miss M had a delightful day.

Maria said...

How lucky was Miss M three fantastic Ladybug cakes.. I'm sure she had the best day...
Lovely day out with Hubs...

KimM said...

I"ve never heard of lady bug cakes.....but they look scrumptious.

Janet said...

Oh to be 4 again! Such fun at that age. Love seeing your native plants and trees.