Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Team Effort

Miss M has been having "a go" on my sewing machine for a sometime now and it was decided that she could perhaps start to make a pair of pyjama pants for herself so into grandma's stash and we found some leftover fabric from a top that I had made her a couple of years ago.   The little video below shows Miss M making a start

She went as far as getting the side seams on both legs sewn up and then handed over the tricky bits of the construction part to me.   Here is our team effort below.

Hubs and I live opposite a wetland area and we frequently have  wildlife visitors come into our back garden.    During the week I was lucky enough to get a photo of a white faced heron.    I have seen this bird in the garden before but it is very nervous and usually takes flight when it sees me  however this time I was able to get up quite close without it realising.

Back soon and in the meantime.

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Happy sewing all


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen great effort by Miss M,and what a lovely bird,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

Mia said...

Oh, Karen, team effort!!! Wow!!! Your little helper is SOOOOOO CUTE AND LOVELY!!!!!!!! Beautiful heron photo, too! Kisses, my friend.

Maria said...

I just loved the video of Miss M sewing. The concentration is just gorgeous and she knew exactly how to stop the machine. Had to watch it a few times.... Great team work.