Thursday, April 2, 2020

Show me Something Impro

Is the theme this month at Sarah's  blog.   My first thought when  reading the title was "I am not an improvisor"   and would not link up this month as I like to have control over colour and design even when making a scrappy quilt there is a fair amount of control as to where the colours are placed next to each other.

Then I remembered quite a few years ago my quilt group had a challenge where each month one member nominated a block and the other members made that block for them.   It was during the time when I had decided that whatever I made was going to be from scraps so my choice was to request 3 strips each 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" to be sewn together so that a rail fence quilt could be made at the end.

When I finally received all of the blocks and started putting them together in the rail fence design to my horror it was discovered that that pesky 1/4" seam which appears to differ on every machine reared it ugly head and none of the blocks were lining up properly.     Feeling very disappointed I did think of unpicking all the blocks and re-sewing them on my machine in order to get the same 1/4" seam but that idea did not appeal to me so the blocks were put aside until a "light bulb moment" struck in the middle of the night.     Do not unpick the blocks pick another design which is what I did.

Chinese coins was the chosen design so I guess this can be considered something improvised.

While the blocks are still out of alignment it is not as obvious with the sashing between each column.  
Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Cheryll said...

That's the perfect use of "odd" blocks... sashing hides a multiude of
Great work...& stay safe...xox

Ondrea said...

Great idea. Looks lovely.

Fiona said...

looks great... wouldn't even know about the seams...

Bethan said...

Such a great impro quilt - and a good way to get around the seam issue. Can't notice it x

Susan said...

I love using that pattern for baby quilts - really it can be any size and I can switch machines - because like your collection machines do not produce the same 1/4"...LOL
great idea!