Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What day is it today.....

Is the question that I ask myself each day on waking now that all the normal routine and usual commitments have been removed from our everyday lives.

I have devised a daily schedule to keep myself both physically and mentally active but it is same each day with not much variation hence each day seems like the one before the one before.

Hubs has given himself a COVID-19 challenge.   A job which he contemplated  doing when he first retired 16 years ago and for various reasons it was shelved and never really got started so now that we are housebound like everyone else it is an ideal time to finally tackle the job and get it completed.

A hobby of hubs has been photography from when he was a teenager and went most places with his camera  so you can imagine how many thousands of photos  were taken over the years.   Thankfully we now have digital cameras so this problem of storage no longer exists.   The above is the bulk of them but there are boxes and boxes of slides stored in the garage and also a few photo albums still  lurking in the bottom of a couple of cupboards.

I think that he will be kept busy sorting, boxing and labelling for sometime to come.  Fortunately we do have a smaller dining table that we can use especially now that no one is joining us for meals.   Once he has reached that goal the next step is to pick out the best of them to scan and store on the computer.   Then he can come up for air and declare the job finished.  

Whilst all this sorting has been taking place my time has been spent in the sewing room whipping up skirts for 14 year old girls.     More on that later.

We really did feel isolated here this morning - not only are we in lock down but there was no internet access, tv or landline due to an Optus tower "being down" in our area.   The service was back up and running some 4 hours later.   It was very frustrating for us but must have been extremely annoying for others trying to run a business, work from home or access schooling.      I am just thankful that the power did not go out in sympathy.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Janice said...

That looks like quite a task. I wonder if he manages to get through it all before we can start to live again. We don't realise how reliant we are on the internet these days and how much we take for granted. Imagine what this "new normal" would be like if we didn't have those connections. Good luck with your stitching.

Kathy S. said...

Wow! What fun for your husband to finally go through all of the photos. It always takes me so long to do a task like that because I take so much time to reminisce. I also have to tell stories about each photo for my husband and son. Enjoy! Now is the time for projects like this.

Cheryll said...

An outage on the net is NeVeR convenient BUT now it's a disaster if it's not available.
Tell hubby "GooD LuCK" with the photo sorting...xox

Maria said...

Yes the days are becoming very hum drum but it is good to have our sewing to escape to.
It would be great if my hubby decided to sort through his slides from many many years ago … My DD has asked him to do that for years..good on your hubby for getting yours done.
Oh technology can be soooooo frustrating...….

Fiona said...

oh my, that is a challenge but it will be fun looking through the pictures too... well done to hubby for taking that on.... my Hubby is home 3 days a week but working so at the moment no extra jobs are being done here... I still have quilt jobs too, but less than usual - and of course a healthy supply of UFO's. Enjoy your skirt making...

Ondrea said...

I hope you sorted through most of the photos. I still haven't put my photos in albums from my overseas trip almost 5 years ago. Hmmmm now is a good time to do it.

Bethan said...

It's nice to be able to find the upside's of this - it will be hopefully fun for your husband to go through all those photos, and nice to get them sorted eventually! x