Friday, July 3, 2020

Bush Bashing

Yesterday my walking companions and I tackled the bush walk around Manly Dam.

6.8 kms and 3 1/2 hours later we returned to the car.  Some parts were quite rugged, slippery  and steep which made for very slow going but on other stretches we could pick up a bit of speed.   Along the way we saw pretty wildflowers

A rock that looked like a head or a submerged crocodile  as it was approached.

Trickling streams

Which gathered speed and turned into waterfalls

Time to consult the pedometer which told us that a total of 17,404 steps were taken.  

An exit sign never looked so good.

We enjoyed our day in the bush but all agreed that it was one of the hardest walks that we have undertaken.   

Today I decided to have a much less strenuous day and head to the sewing room early as my mission was to make  a new crossbody bag.  I did make one a while ago but unfortunately the zip broke and it was such a handy bag to take when walking as it was the right size to hold keys, a water bottle, phone, a small money purse, bandaids and tissues - all necessary items when out.

The fabric chosen was leftover from a messenger bag that was made previously however being a directional print  there was not a lot of scope to play around with the fabric so the choice was an upside down butterfly or upside and back to front writing.   I went with the upside down butterfly as I felt it was easier to live with than the backward writing.  Anyway here is my effort today.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting us all again for FNwF.  

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Happy sewing all


kiwikid said...

That looks like a great walk, challenging but great! Love the bag, the butterfly is the right way up for when you are wearing it and look down.

Janice said...

What a wonderful rugged place to explore and so close to home. I never knew it existed. Thanks for taking us along. Your new bag should be perfect for walks.

White Rose said...

Hi Karen what an awesome bush walk ,i love your new bag ,well done my friend xx

Maria said...

Well done on that longgggg fantastic walk...Lots of loveliness to see.
Your new bag looks perfect and the butterfly is the right way for you to look down on...

Barwitzki said...

Thanks for the nice pictures from your tour. I do that often ... and of course a day off for the legs is absolutely important :-))
Nice bag that you sew. I also sewed two bags, a large one to hang over my shoulder
and a small one for the mobile phone - and I inserted a small pocket with a zipper - I'm very happy about it ... both already given away ... to daughter and grandson.
Kind regards to you. Viola

Ingrid said...

Me encantó tu "crossbody bag" en español le decimos "bandolera" jajajaja. La telita está muy bella. Que bueno es tener compañeras de costuras los primeros viernes de cada mes. Recibe un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela!

Cheryll said...

Your bag looks nice and your strenuous walk looked wonderful.
Thanks for stopping in for FNwF...xox

Susan said...

a great finish....and surely butterflies fly down at some stage???? LOL

R's Rue said...

Love it so much

jude's page said...

Loving your bag, and thanks for taking us along on your walk!

Sharon Kwilter said...

That's a pretty bag. Nice job.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What an amazing hike!! and a ton of steps!!!
Good job on the crossbody bag!! That will be perfect!

Bethan said...

That looks like an amazing hike - thanks for sharing the pictures. Your bag is lovely x

dq said...

It sounds like a lovely walk with friends! Your little bag is super cute!