Saturday, February 17, 2024


Was on again last night however I was able to make a start after lunch by pulling out some of the stash with prints suitable for childrens' quilts.  These are being donated to the local hospitals not for sale at the auxiliary stalls.    A lot of maths needed to be done as the size required is 80 cm x 80 cm and for someone who works in inches for quilting the tape measure needed to be consulted to convert and it was found that 80 cm equals 31 1/2" - not easy to work with.   Once lots of multiplying and dividing was done the squares were cut at 6 " with 25 of them are required so that when sewn together it ends up being 28" square and with borders of 2 1/2" it will  finish at 32".   Close enough  to 31 1/2" me thinks. 

After a  lot of rummaging through that pile these fabrics were pulled

Some cutting happened and a bit of playing around with the squares ended up with this result.  They are yet to be sewn together and the borders added.  

Next one  to be cut and sewn will be for a girl.

While the cutting board and rulers were out the second reading cushion cover that was not cut out last week was cut out ready for sewing up.

Thanks Wendy for organising us again.

Back soon with hopefully a couple of finishes and more of that pile of fabric cut out and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


dq said...

It looks like all that math worked out great! I am impressed.

Maria said...

You did well to work out the size of the blocks you needed to make the quilt.

Lin said...

Lovely bold colours Karen for the quilt and pretty pinks. Very nice work. xx

Janice said...

Well done on making the sizing work. If you work on 32” it is a fairly versatile size.

Susie H said...

Way to find a solution to the 31.5" square quilt! See! The brain still works after all! Lol!

Susan said...

it is so annoying when given metric sizing...LOL...but you conquered it!

that is such a good quick style to go with.

Ondrea said...

Lol, maths keeps our brains functioning better. Looking forward to seeing the progress. No doubt it will come along very quickly .