Friday, January 29, 2016


Is not my favourite colour and when I saw that brown with pink accents is the colour for February for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I was stopped in my tracks for a few minutes as I do not have many browns - so I thought.  I took out my ice cream containers and found to my surprise quite a few fabrics that fell into that category.    A bit more digging around in a scrap drawer revealed even more fabrics.   Across to the ironing board then onto the cutting board and within a short space of time I had quite a few 2 1/2" squares ready to go.

I managed to get  6 nine patch blue blocks sewn together and squared up to 6 1/2"  as well.

I have not yet sewn on the outer triangles as I am waiting to see just how many blocks of each colour that I will need and whether I will use black and white or white and black fabric - depending on the placement of the blocks.     I know this will leave quite a job at the end but it may also save lots of reverse sewing should I be unhappy with the distribution.

I am filing any leftover squares away into another scrap bin ready for another project - not sure what but I am sure one will surface soon.     I seem to be making more scraps from scraps.    Just how small can you go!!!

Looking forward to getting my brown/pinkish squares sewn up and seeing what colour is revealed for March.   In the meantime

Happy sewing all



Käthe said...

Liebe Karen,
mir gefallen alle deine Stoffe !
Liebe Grüße

Helen said...

It's amazing what we find in our stashes. The fabrics look great together !