Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What's cooking

I finished off the little apron for Miss M -  I decided it is time to elevate my granddaughter's blog name from "bub" to "Miss M" seeing that she is now a big two year old - and  both Miss M and her mummy were thrilled with the result.   Miss M because of the cupcake fabric and her mummy because of the ease of putting the apron over the head and having a big strip going around the waist and secured with a piece of velcro rather than having to tie fiddly apron strings.   Quick to get a two year old in and out of in a hurry - as they always are.

So here is a picture of the front showing the velcro.   The pattern did not have a pocket but I think that every apron needs a pocket so added one in

And here is the back of the apron showing the strap going around the body

Now  I need to  get a photo of the "budding chef" with her apron on while cooking in "her kitchen".

Today I was lucky enough to pick these lovely little tomatoes off the vines in my garden

And put some of them on the pizza for my dinner along with Spanish onion, olives, grated cheese, mushrooms and roquette.   I will have the rest for my lunch tomorrow.

I also made a good start on the cushion cover that I am making for a friend.    So far I have cut out the strips that make up the pleats and have started to sew them onto the stabiliser.

 I also had a rummage around in my scrap basket for suitable fabrics to make February's Sun Bonnet Sue.    I have decided that she should have a Valentines Day theme.    That will be my FNSI project.  Back soon with progress photos on the cushion cover and "Sue" and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

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Ondrea said...

Cute apron and a fantastic pattern using velcro. Great idea. We have been picking an abundance of tomatoes and they are ripening really quickly. Looking forward to a pic of Miss M in her apron.