Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quilty 365

I saw this a few weeks ago and have been having a think about whether to take part or not but the urge to fill the gap of my year long project which ended last month has taken over and so onto this challenge which involves making a block with a circle to represent each day of the year.   I have drawers full of novelty fabrics which I am sure I can put to good use to describe each day.     Most of the others taking part in Quilty 365 have a good head start but with the aid of my diary, blog and I will have to see just how good my memory is to fill in those blanks I hope to catch up soon - maybe.   I have made a start on cutting out some squares of background fabric and some circles which can be seen below.

My squares will end up being 4" square when finished and I have used a 3" template to cut the circles.   I will use the zig zag stitch on my machine to sew the circles onto the background fabric.

So for this week I have not done anything - which is not a very good start - but we do have our little granddaughter staying with us for a few days and we have been keeping her rather busy or should I say she has been keeping us rather busy.     Lots of visits to the beach

Playing in the park

Feeding chickens at the local petting zoo

Checking out the penguins at the sea life park as well as the other marine creatures to be found.

Miss M is going home later on today so I will make a start on my circles tomorrow amongst other things.

Back soon with some progress photos and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Anthea said...

Hi Karen
Oh I love that idea, all those fab circles... as simple as they might be, they will look amazing when there are 365 of them ( or 366?!) Great way to enjoy small pieces of fabrics.
Your GD is very lucky to have Grandparents who want to spend time with her like you are doing - so many kids don't have that - it's important for them & for their understanding of their place in family...

audrey said...

Uh oh. Are you saying that after this project, I will be wanting another block a day project to keep me busy? lol Lovely to have you join in.:)

Marle said...

You have so lovely fabricks on your circles.

Quilting Babcia said...

Looks like you have a wonderful assortment of novelty prints to start your 365 project. Enjoy those precious days with your granddaughter, being a grandma is such a joy.

sewyouquilt2 said...

the 365 (366) project is a fun one for sure. I started Jan 1st and am so pleased with it. I love the freedom of picking the fabric circle no matter if there are two blues together etc. it reflects my mood for that day. fun fun quilt. your GD is a cutie pie and yes they do keep you busy and on your toes.