Thursday, October 6, 2016

Three quarters of the way

And only 3 months  left of making my daily circles.    I can see by looking at  this month's circles that there has been doing quite a bit of gardening  happening as well as meeting up with friends for coffee and lunch, some sewing, doctors appointments and other bits and pieces.

I have also taken sometime  to make a start on trimming the previous blocks.   So far I have managed to get 7 months done so that leaves 2 months to go.   Once I have caught up I will trim as I go seeing as the end is getting close.  

If you would like to see more circles  I suggest that you wander on over to Quilty Folk as many of the others taking part in this challenge started their blocks a couple of months before me and have progressed well into the final stages of their projects.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

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